Home Automation


Program your home as would you like it to be normally operating.
An away scene can be programmed to operate as if you were home
to deter potential criminals.



Dim the lights in the family room and adjacent areas to make the party scene
meet the occasion the arrival of candle lit birthday cake or for romantic dancing.




Set up a program to turn on all the lights you need with one tap
in the event of an emergency.



Operate your homes lighting and Ale systems to match what is going on. You do not need every room in the house to lit up just because you and the kids have forgotten to turn off the bathroom and bedroom lights when you meet for dinner.


Do you want your lights to snap on to full brightness at 5:30 am or would you rather they come on slowly to ease you into the day? You might also like to turn on the kitchen lights, coffee maker and your favorite TV program to get a head start on the day’s important tasks.